Update: Sunday June 24 June 25, 2018 June 25, 2018 kc1cwf

As we enter Day 4 of our voyage, we are enjoying our last day at sea. We expect to be at Baker by dawn tomorrow. Today we start pulling the boxes out of the hold and organizing them according to when we want them landing on Baker. We are also filling our emergency water jugs (300 gallons) and loading fuel canisters.

We will also wash down all the antennas and shipping cases to protect Baker from outside contamination.

We have a full day of work so when we arrive tomorrow it’s all about the landing, building tents and setting up for the safety of the team. Time permitting (read: light) we will also start working on antennas.

Our original timetable was to be QRV by 05:00 UTC 27 June.  We think we will beat that by 24 hours.

We are all smiles and excited to be nearing our destination

Don and Kevin and the KH7Z team.