June 26 0400z Update June 26, 2018 June 26, 2018 kc1cwf

Baker is brutal!

We arrived at Baker at sunrise at 5:30 AM local time. The advance team of Kevin K6TD, George, AA7JV., Don, N1DG, James 9V1YC and Allie FWS were on the island by 7:30 AM. The landing was not too bad but the island is an oven.  By 10 AM it was well over 100 degrees. The tide got too rough as well but the Nai’a crew got all the tents generators and emergency supplies with Mike, KN4EEI, Rick, N4HU, Arnie N6HC, and Tomi HA7RY, joining before the tide cut off access
This team put up the operating tents and storage tents you see in the pictures.
At 2 PM high tide allowed reinforcements to arrive with fresh energy, and the original landing team departed totally exhausted.  They are putting up the sleeping tents and moving radios antennas and generators to the storage and operating tents

By sunset, everyone will be off the island so we can rest up for day 2.  We have antennas radios and generators left to set up and the plan is to be QRV by sunset.
The pictures show tents and separation we were able to achieve.