2 July Update – 1400z Update July 2, 2018 July 2, 2018 kc1cwf

Things are humming on Baker Island.  After storms, SAT phone failures, extreme heat and a storm that damaged both our low band antennas everything is fixed and we have over 40,000 QSOS in the log.

We are all happily working radio shifts handing out ATNOs and making memories that will remain with us forever.

Our pilots have requested we shift our 30 mtr frequency to down 1 to 10.107 to avoid EU QRM.  We also will try FT8 normal mode on 1.840 at 09:00 UTC 3 July for East Coast USA who have been hard to work. If successful we will stay on 160 through the night giving Eastern EU a shot.

We are still getting lots of FT8 callers using the wrong software.

Also we hope to activate 60 mtrs (FT8) on 4 July.

Lastly because of the tides and heat we start tearing down late on the 4th and leave Baker on the 6th.